- Examination of doshic constitution that is unique to you, bringing insight into natural balance and imbalance.

​- Gain tools for evolving lifestyle practices, food, movement and activity choices

​-Managing  anxiousness, depression or that sense of disconnection from the body

​-Nurturing practices to bring out a higher level quality of daily life to be at your higher potential, that will ground Vata, soothe Pitta or stimulate Kapha


Abyangha Heated Oil Massage with Marmar Points Therapy

Designed to nurture and nourish the connective tissues to restore fluidity and vitality.

​-  Gain a sense of groundedness and flexibility within the  body

​- Treatment customized to doshic constitution

Shirodhara Therapy

 - A continuous flow of water or oil to the forehead once the person is relaxed and grounded.
​-  Depending on the state of the person, one will go into a deep state of rest and will bring out clarity of mind and purging of emotions. A sense of cleansing and strength preceeds after.

Pain Management Basti Therapy
 - A well of warm herbal oil on the affected area, held in place  with homemade dhall dough that allows the herbal concoction to soak through the 6 layers of skin into deeper tissues.

​-  Ideal for back pain, chest tightness not connected to cardiac issues and any specific area of the body that has ligament soreness.

​Herbal Concoctions by Consult

​- Specific herbal concoctions based in oils, ghee or spice combinations based on needs

​- Specifically for Digestive Discomfort, Women's Health Issues, Daily needs.


 - Find yourself in a safe space to explore emotions that are stunting our growth or in our next step choices

Ayurveda Mind Body Therapy

Massage Therapy, Ayurvedic Counselling, Physical & Emotional Wellness, Food & Lifestyle Practices.​

Call Natasha Sidhu at 207 322 5777 
or email natasha@sanctuaryonchurch.org

​50 Church St, Ellsworth, Maine 04605.


  • Consultations: by hourly rate of $100 per hour
  • Abyangha Marmar Point Massage 1.5 hours $150 includes complimentary additional 20 min consultation check
  • Shirodhara: Preperation Grounding massage & Shiro 1.5 hours: $160 includes complimentary additional 20 min consultation check
  • Basti Pain Management 1.5 hours: Consultation and oil well treatment $150

Stephen Curtin D.O

Sanctuary on Church St

a safe space to uncover our true selves


We all have unique combinations of vata, pitta, kapha within us.  When we understand our  natural constitution that drive us, we are able to get ourselves to a new balance. A better state than current, even with constant evolving changes around us and within us. We understand our individual reactions and responses and gain the knowledge and tools to nurture ourselves to peak performance. Health is defined in Ayurveda as a state when body, mind, emotions and spirit are aligned. We look at how your doshas interact, within the functioning of the physical body.

It is very much an empowerment back to the individual when one has gained deeper insight into how our physical, mental and emotional body work to counter balance ourselves.