Sanctuary on Church St

a safe space to uncover our true selves

mission & vision

  • Providing a sanctuary of healing, a space for growth, personal empowerment, increased wellbeing for all.
  • Giving the diversity of alternative healing and  practices, awareness, education and healthy food to the community.
  • Donation based offerings,  giving the opportunity to all and those who cannot afford.
  • Profits are recycled into scholarships for education and career advancing opportunities related to holistic healing for those who apply and are approved by the board twice yearly
  • Maintaining  a quality and standard of practitioners, lecturers, speakers, teachers and staff working with the Sanctuary on Church St​
  • Supporting and synergizing with other organizations or individuals whose principles/ purpose are in line with this corporation, in providing the above to the public.
  • Ensuring the practitioners working with the foundation embody the spirit of giving and wellness.



  • Osteopathy Clinic for children  (12 yrs and below) once a week for the uninsured or those that need additional support
  • Health programs  covering yoga, Ayurveda counselling and osteopathy for the uninsured or those thatneed additional support
  • Steamy Buddha  Heated Yoga of Bikram yoga classes to still the mind and work the body & hot flow yoga classes to warm up the body rightly and increase circulation, movement and breath
  • Ayurvedic counselling for health and anxiety workings and personal ayurvedic yoga 
  • Workshops  and seminars educating on health, empowerment and alternative healing modalities​