Katie Frothingham. Principal, Adams School, Castine, Maine.


“When we come together to share a collective vision from a heart-centered place, beautiful things manifest! The more we approach our journey of life with love of self, the more we are able to tap into the vast magic surrounding us. Each journey is influenced by the touchstones that pave the way for our unique stories. As these stories unfold, we experience the evolution of perspective, an expansion of awareness, and the interconnectedness of Oneness. The Sanctuary on Church Street represents the merging of our many paths.”

Richard Bradford

Richard Bradford. Bradford Builder, Southwest Harbor, Maine.

"In the midst of stress and struggle of modern day living it feels comforting to be a part of the Sanctuary on Church Street and know that it will help many people in so many ways. I have been on my own healing journey with health issues and believe that this facility will offer an environment that promotes healing and balance needed to empower ourselves. I believe we all have the power of creation within us, to better our lives, to recreate our cells, our chemistry, our mental and spiritual health, and find that balance we deserve that continuously evolves for our own good "

Katie Frothingham

Stephen Curtin D.O

Stephen Curtin D.O Traditional Osteopath, Blue Hill, Maine. 

“In my work I have been blessed with a unique opportunity to improve a person’s quality of life, and at the same time grow with each individual that I work with. The Sanctuary on Church St comes out of my desire to create a space of growth and healing for everyone”

Susan Snow

Susan K. Snow, CPA, Mindful Financial and Tax Practice, Ellsworth, Maine.

"I believe in the Universe.  Everything happens for a reason.  I practice presence and mindfulness in all aspects of my life.  In my gardens, in my boats, in my CPA practice.  On the mountains, as a Mother, as a friend, with my soul mate, George.  With my cat, Bo and my dogs, Bear and Travis.  I am perfect in my imperfections.  We all need to practice more love and kindness.  And pray.  And nourish hope.  Every day.  It is all about the relationships we nurture.  As we explore each new phase of our lives, may they give us excitement and learnings we can use. "  

Sanctuary on Church St

a safe space to uncover our true selves