​​​​​​Stephen Curtin D.O
Founder & President

" There is a moment in time when we are Breathed into existence. Every cell in our bodies holds this memory; for it is at this moment that HEALTH emerges into form.

This memory is what maintains health in the individual throughout life. 
It has long been my intention in my work to aid in the process of awakening each individual this initial "Breath of Health".
This center is an expression of that desire to be of service to HEALTH manifesting more fully in all of us. It is my prayer that the creation of this space helps all who enter its boundaries. "

A Safe Space
To learn about your body and your mind
Your psyche and your actions
To be stimulated, to cleanse, to nourish with pure food
Answer questions inside you
To work and sweat out your angst
So you uncover your strengths
Of what is true within you
Books to borrow, workshops to experience

Be listened to
What you need to support you

hot yoga  

​​Natasha Sidhu

" Wherever we are in our journeys of life, having that sudden small knowing, discovery or insight helps springboard us into our own power - be it in health, relationships and self. My hope is that this foundation becomes a genuine, unassuming space that has much to offer in different ways to uncover our strengths, ignited from physical wellness, mental stimulation or emotional connection. The Ayurvedic term of health - "SVASTA"  is defined as "to be established in one self "- where "body, mind, senses and spirit are balanced and aligned in any individual" according to their own special uniqueness. Yoga, ayurvedic wisdom, a learning environment, good healthy food made with good intentions, a space to be calm in or inspired in, a community that shares, gives and is open to one another is what we hope to offer with the sincerest intention."

The concept, intention, heart,  sweat and patience that goes into this creation of the Sanctuary on Church St in Ellsworth, Maine comes from a dynamic fusion of East and West. Stephen Curtin D.O, in his osteopathic approach to treatment believes that health and wellbeing emerges from each person's ability to empower themselves .

Natasha Sidhu believes that yoga and ayurvedic medicine becomes a natural catalyst for people to grow out from their old skins into their new awarenesses. The heart centeredness of the foundation is rooted in its board members Richard Bradford, Susan Snow and Katie Frothingham who guide this foundation through its course.


Sanctuary on Church St

a safe space to uncover our true selves

Join Us

A safe space to uncover our true selves

​​Full plans for Sanctuary on Church st for more accessibility in workshops,  dance therapy and community are to launch 2018  We are now seeking support and would be delighted with your contribution in the form of financial support or the gift of you. The foundation is a tax exempt organization with 501c3 status.  If you're not sure how best to contribute, just give us a holler and we can have a chat on how we can align/match your gifts & passions towards supporting us.