Bikram Yoga is a fixed series of 26 postures. These postures work to compress and stretch internal organs, increasing fresh oxygenated blood circulation to these organs, and this aids in detoxification, cleansing and ultimately, the effectiveness of organ functions. 

You do the same postures each time, but the fixed form becomes a yardstick. You can see how your body changes in strength, ability or flexibility. You see how finally doing one posture right immediately improves another posture. You see muscles on your body you never knew existed on the anatomy, and you see them suddenly come into being because of that same posture that you are now doing right. Over time, you will experience and savour your evolution in becoming the greatest version of yourself, inside & out.

The only system that irrigates all the systems of the body in every 90 min class. You utilize the body to its maximum capacity.


  • It stills your ever running mind, finally giving it a rest.  Because you cannot think of anything else but what the teacher is saying and which body part to focus on. And once your mind is quietened, you start to hear and listen to what your body is saying to you. You start to “sense” the insides of your body

  • Recalibrating your internal body, physically irrigating and ensuring your organs and biochemistry work coherently with each other

  • Your choice in lifestyle – food, drink, people evolve for the better

  • Calm down the nervous system and put it into balance


It provides a supportive environment system for your body to contract, expand and calibrate itself.
Increases heart rate.
Loosens joints, muscles, ligaments that enables a more fluid body to practice postures in a deeper way.
Blood vessels expand – compression postures compress where blood flows on through to cleanse the vessel.

​BRING: Water, a large thin towel ( towels will be available) and yourself. Sometimes the hardest thing is to just show up.

PREPARE: No food 2 hours before class. If you are famished, have something easily digestible like fruit or a beverage. Bananas are my favorite to fill up and easily digest.

CLASS RATE: $15 per class. $12 for a 5 class card. 

LOCATION: ACADIA WELLNESS, 416 High St, Ellsworth, ME 04605 ( next to Pat's Pizza)

QUESTIONS? Call Natasha Sidhu at 207 - 322 5777 for a chat/ info or email natasha@sanctuaryonchurch.org 

New Teacher !!

Please welcome Jim Thompson.

I'm excited to inform we have another Bikram certified teacher, Jim Ballard Thompson join me to teach class and he will be taking over Wednesday classes. Jim has been practicing Bikram for over 14 years, been teaching for over 5 years and very much IS yoga in his everyday living. He has this low resonating voice that will bring you into your zone, support you and guide you with his big warm heart. I couldn't have asked for a more valuable teacher to join me. It is so good to have different teachers in your practice as you will hear new things, absorb new information and have a new experience within the same sequence of 26 postures. It helps us improve our practice and be more aware in our experience on the mat. Jim will take over Wednesday classes and starts June 6th. 

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bikram yoga in ellsworth

No classes till spring 2019. sorry folks.